We are here for our community

While providing high quality services

This is what Bellevue PD is all about.  We understand what the community needs, we hear their voices, and we are proud to serve.  Our goal is to go above and beyond the call of duty. Striving to meet the needs of the residents and business owners of our community.

“Our community is amazing!”


The Standards of the Future

With the Bellevue PD, you’ll be supported at every level along the way. The leadership sets high expectations for themselves and their officers. 

“The ability to learn Jiu-jitsu is an incredible opportunity.”

Lateral Officers Are Eligible For

$16,000 Signing Bonus

Discover the role you were born to play

Explore the opportunities and become a star with Bellevue PD.  The quest in your career begins here.

“Being there for our community and providing high quality services is what the Bellevue PD is all about.”

Where you will find

Your quest for Adventure

Your opportunity To

go from Good
to Great